Dazzling in the United States, ad-exchanges are little by little talking about them in France.







But what is an ad-exchange?

It is actually a platform for buying and selling advertising space.

The buyers : agencies, advertisers / Sellers : site editors, management

They all meet in real time to place their bids in the form of auction orders.


This system is starting to emerge in France thanks to its simplicity of action and a saving of money which competes on a large scale with the sale of display.

As this phenomenon is growing, several platforms have developed [Right Media, one of the pioneers acquired by Yahoo, Doubleclick (Google) or adECN (Microsoft); In Europe, Orange and OpenX launched the Orange Ad Market in spring 2010…].


To be able to communicate in real time with several ad exchanges, additional platforms have also been developed:

- for buyers of Demand side platforms (DSP) allow the integration of their campaigns and the selection of the desired audiences.

- for sellers of Sell ​​side platforms (SSP) allow their inventories to be sold at the desired CPM.


In France, this system is still little used but is starting to intrigue advertisers. Argument for spreading this system: obtaining a better ROI (return on investment) thanks to an optimization of targeting.

Ad-exchanges allow publishers to have their hands on their inventories by selling to the highest bidder, thus allowing all display buyers to compete.


The challenge will be to know the right price to set ...

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