It's quite a program! First, that of a commitment to concrete actions to make Carrefour the leader in the food transition for all, as announced by Alexandre Bompard, Chairman and CEO of the Carrefour Group, at the start of the year. Suddenly, it becomes a 360 ° campaign that will be launched this weekend. Resolutely focused on the consumer, the retail chain dares to challenge consumers and give them a voice by daring to use humor and straightforwardness.

"We all have the right to the best": the new signature of Carrefour

“With this new signature, we are adopting a posture resolutely turned towards our customers and determined to move the lines. We are not saying that Carrefour is the best, we are moving forward to give the best to our customers and our partners. It also reveals the legitimate demand of consumers towards us. »Announces Elodie Perthuisot, Marketing and Customers Director of Carrefour France.

Goodbye "J'optimism », Perhaps too inclined to utopia! Hello " We all have the right to the best », New signature of the international distributor Carrefour but above all the translation of a concrete action program focused on a new relationship to food.

Among the 9 commitments of the brand in France, we find in particular:

  • Banning 100 controversial substances from all Carrefour food products
  • The elimination of chemical pesticides from Carrefour plant sectors
  • Transparency on product traceability
  • The 50% increase in its vegetarian range
  • The guarantee of a choice of fish certified responsible fishing and aquaculture
  • ...

Carrefour intends to look to the future and move away from commonplaces or other discourse on “better eating”. But above all, the brand intends not to act alone and to encourage consumers to join it in its actions. Time for action and sharing, then!

Participation as the spearhead of the campaign

If the words are strong, the communication system around this commitment is just as strong. As if to give credit to its action, the brand has surrounded itself with the greatest, and it was Publicis who supported it in deploying a global campaign in the ten countries where the brand operates: France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan and China.

Visible on television this Sunday, September 9, the cross-channel campaign will also be deployed in cinema, on the WEB and on social networks, but also in print with “Lifestyle” type visuals, largely inspired by trends in the latter. More than speaking, the main idea of ​​the campaign is indeed to initiate dialogue by giving a voice to consumers and employees of the group. On social networks in particular, Carrefour employees will respond to twittos. On the WEB, the platform dedicated to the program will allow consumers to learn about the various systems but also to take part in them by voting for the areas they consider to be priorities. And as far as the store, customers will be able to find the group's commitments to products, thanks to a system instore.

A campaign in the form of a promise

If the positioning which aims to give a more empathetic face and a greater proximity to the brand have airs of déjà vu (it has indeed become an art for Intermarché in particular which shines in the cuteness with its advertisements inspired by life everyday), the more direct speech is more daring than what we are used to seeing. Thanks to strong sentences such as “With your fork and knife, you have almost full power”, The brand takes advantage of and directly affects consumers' ego and their ability to act, while blending into a reassuring daily life, such as that of the act of purchasing or making decisions. But even more, Carrefour proves its commitment by anticipating criticism and responding directly to its customers, even accepting to be challenged by consumers.

It remains to be seen whether the brand will be able to keep its commitments, which it promises in any case to share on its dedicated WEB platform. Act for Food . A campaign that has not finished talking and making people talk, therefore.

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