If you walked through the streets of Limoges this weekend, you must have met some pretty hostesses in the colors of Terra Natura.



Terra Natura - Pearls in the heart of Limoges


Friendly, the hostesses went out to meet passers-by to introduce them to the pearly universe of Terra Natura.

The people of Limougeauds escaped the time of a smile and a discussion in a world of pleasure and well-being and like a real ray of sunshine, Terra Natura brightened up the day of happy passers-by despite the not really good weather. A real breath of fresh air and comfort therefore delighted many Limougeauds this weekend!

Interested in the exceptional virtues of the brand's natural products, passers-by did not hesitate to take the plunge and come to discover and rediscover the pretty pearls of the Terra Natura boutique. Equipped with their flyers, the young ladies were also able to benefit from a 20% discount on the store upon receipt of the flyer!

Do you also come to discover these pearls of nature and the facials at theArgan Oil from www.terra-natura.fr.


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