This is a first for Paypal: here it is on French television among the biggest brands! The first Paypal advertising spot has landed on our screens: in addition during prime time! A campaign that focuses on the simplicity of payment software.

Paypal: Change the way you pay!

Available since March 22, the first Paypal TV spot retraces the daily life of a man caught up in time! To the point that he never manages to complete his payment for any order he wishes to place! The message is clear: with paypal, you no longer need to enter your banking information with each payment. Paypal keeps them and secures all data!

Good, you will tell me; in real life that never happens. Why buy necessarily at the precise moment when this gentleman is in public transport, at the movies or at the restaurant? Doesn't he have time like everyone else to laze on his sofa?

An incredible scenario that illustrates the brand's message: “change the way you pay! "

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