In recent years, defense associations have redoubled their imagination to raise awareness about the many cases of domestic violence. In Russia, where around 10 women have died of domestic violence, the advertising agency “Hungry Boys” and the organization “Who Cares ?! Have set up a shock campaign to raise awareness.

How far can we go for so little?

Russian advertising agency “Hungry Boys” and organization “Who Cares ?! »Installed in Afimall City, a shopping center in Moscow, a deliberately defective vending machine, thus reflecting the trauma that women can undergo on a daily basis.


Indeed, this machine has a screen equipped with sensors that detect vibrations, on which a smiling woman indicates the available products. Only, when the person tries to order his product, it does not fall. The experiment then leads to the observation of the futility of the gesture of the individual who hits the machine so that the product falls. As time goes by, the young woman's face breaks down, begins to cry and thus attracts the attention of passers-by in the shopping center, in the eyes of the many families who circulate there.


“We want to draw attention to a problem that is hidden behind closed doors. We want to show how easy it is to offend a man. If he allows himself to become aggressive in public because of some trivial things, we cannot begin to imagine what might happen in his own home. The “Helpless Machine” is an effective and impactful way to get this message across, not only in Russia but around the world, ”says project creator Alexander Stefanets from Hungry Boys agency.

If it is obvious that it is not a question of comparing a machine to the fate that certain women undergo, this campaign is quite daring and makes it possible to draw attention to a cause not sufficiently supported. The message is clear: If people are able to do this for so little, what are they able to do at home, away from the gaze of passers-by?

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