Audi 1

Audi's latest global positioning is to offer owners of other brands to replace their vehicles with Audi cars. In Brazil, the German brand organized an environmental marketing campaign to inform drivers about the possibilities of trade-in.

A targeted campaign

With the help of the AlmapBBDO agency, Audi launched the Instant Valuation Billboard campaign. The principle is to offer drivers leaving a car park a digital experience through which they can find out the trade-in value of their vehicle and the Audi model that corresponds to them.

In order to personally identify all the vehicles in the parking lot, the agency had the parked cars identified one by one and affixed them a flyer containing an identification code. When passing through the terminal, the car code is detected, which triggers advertising on the digital panel.

Audi 2

The targeted targets may therefore see a unique advertisement appear, because it is 100% dedicated to their purchasing behavior.

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