Nokia unveils its “Nokia music +” paid music streaming offer and is in fact entering a highly competitive market. It is indeed during the MIDEM that Nokia unveiled its new paid music streaming offering.

Nokia Music +, the new offer from Nokia

This new offer is just an extension of the current Nokia Music subscription already available on Lumia smartphones and Windows phones. Nokia Music allows you to listen to music without any possibility of customization other than the style of the music.

Very limited, Nokia then decided to improve its offer and launch Nokia Music + which will therefore allow the use of unlimited mixes to listen to their titles without connection and to listen to music via other peripherals such as the computer or the tablet.

Among other things, the user will be able to select songs whose lyrics will scroll and adjust the sound quality when connected to wifi.

In addition, this free offer will become chargeable at the rate of € 3,99 / month.

Other brands such as Google or Amazon have also entered this market. Will Nokia find its place there?

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