If the advertisers have not failed, once again, to flood us with good feelings during this holiday season, Disneyland intends to demonstrate its leadership in terms of fairyland through a touching campaign, broadcast since December 25 on our screens. Thanks to a particularly successful storyline based on the story of the cutest ducklings and a captivating soundtrack, Disneyland takes us with pleasure in the universe in which it excels: a place located between reality and imagination, ideal for children and children. big kids.

A little duck that is not ugly!

Viewed over 100 times on the first day of its launch, the campaign The Little Duck, signed BETC, borrows all the codes of a short film. Almost entirely produced in synthetic images, the 60-second film, which required more than 9 months of work, truly delighted Internet users who did not fail to comment on the film by describing their own emotions. And it is true that it is difficult to remain indifferent to the story of this little duckling, who takes on passion and admiration for Donald Duck, raised from then on to the status of an idol. A proven passion, which resists despite the tests of time and weather, to finally become reality thanks to this magical place that is Disneyland. This place where everything becomes possible, even our wildest dreams.

A fresh, timeless and intergenerational campaign

The choice was however quite daring since far from the eternal representation of the child enchanted by the universe of the park. Moreover, the choice to highlight a secondary character such as Donald Duck surprises, but in a completely pleasant way. Because the Disney film quite simply draws its power from its simplicity and modesty (if we put aside the enormous work of production). Far from the famous princesses or the famous mouse, Disneyland Paris aims just by allowing everyone to identify themselves through their singularity in a place out of time and where everyone will find their happiness, whatever it is. Far from the seasonal celebrations, however numerous at that time, the film takes us from smiles to tears through wonder and thus stands out as a timeless and intergenerational campaign.

A breath of fresh air is blowing over this new campaign, which reinvents the brand's usual codes by drawing as much on the authenticity and dreaminess of Disney as on the current advertising trend set up by big names such as Bouygues. , Monoprix, Intermarché or Kinder. Thanks to a soft and intimate adaptation of the famous "The Impossible Dream", interpreted by Sean Christopher, Disneyland takes us with pleasure in its universe, moves us, makes us laugh and gives us pep. Broadcast on our screens and social networks until January 6, 2019, the leisure giant has finally succeeded by surfing the enchantment of the period, but above all by making it last a little longer, if not always.

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