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This year, vacation destinations are limited. Indeed, despite the reopening of borders to several European countries, many people have not been able to book or plan their vacations. The most practical is then to stay in France. This is how the regions wage a ruthless war to attract the French. Among these, Brittany unveils a major advertising campaign.

Dream destinations with very Breton overtones

The idea is simple: take well-known places and divert them using suffixes Bretons such as "ty", "bzh" or "ker". Thus, California becomes Kerlifornia and the Galapagos become the Galapagozh. Beaches, mountains, cities of art and history, Brittany would ultimately have nothing to envy the paradisiacal destinations that are on the other side of the world.

Above all, it has another important argument: its gastronomy. This is why one of the posters highlights the “Breizhouverte” of sardines. Highlighting its peculiarities compared to the usually preferred destinations is the strength of this campaign.

The remaining photos also highlight the calm of Brittanyaway from the crowded Caribbean beaches. So we see people doing the "ty-cyclette" and "Breizhpirer". The campaign also highlights the cultural heritage of Brittany, with the Château le Rocher Portail worthy of a Game of Thrones setting.

A digital campaign to reach young people

The photos are mostly distributed on the web, the goal being that they amplify themselves through likes and shares. For this, bet on humor and the offset is the most efficient.

The campaign is also digital to be able to reach young people, those who are most used to looking abroad. By taking up their travel references, Brittany wishes to prove to them that it also has exotic places and that it can offer them intense sensations.

An open war between regions

Brittany is not the only region in France trying to attract a new audience this year. After "This summer I visit France", the campaign ofAtout France for the development of tourism, each region is trying to do well.

Thus, the advertising spots follow one another TV in order to show the beauty of the landscapes and cultural places of our regions, even of our departments. Likewise, tourist offices recruit many influencers trips to vlog in emblematic places.

Finally, multiple Promotional offers have seen the day. This is for example the case of Provence, which has set up a gift voucher of € 50 for activities for people booking at least three nights in the Bouches-du-Rhône.

This summer represents the last hope of making up for a catastrophic year for many traders. Campaigns to attract visitors should therefore follow one another in the coming months.

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