ALLIA, leading manufacturer ofceramic sinks in France, develops its unique products at its Limoges site. Their manufacture is thus based on ceramic, noble material made from natural raw materials that are safe for the environment.

 Made In France know-how

La ceramic and its production comes from ancestral techniques, close to that of Limoges porcelain. The achievement of our sinks is part of the continuity of market developments; whether in terms of design, accessories or features. The technique of ceramic making each sink unique.


ALLIA: A culture of quality

The manufacture of our designer ceramic sinks revolves around 4 pillars:

- Hygiene: easy to maintain, a ceramic sink supports cleaning products and effectively combats bacteria.

- Sustainability: our ceramic sinks resist grease, solvents, scratches, stains, and especially heat.

- Recyclability: our ceramic sink is a natural product therefore recyclable.

- The color: our ceramic sinks exist in many colors, surfaces and aspects that will personalize your sink.


Everywhere in France !

ALLIA's desire to disseminate its know-how translates into a national presence with the help of our various partners and distributors.

ALLIA is committed to the quality of its Made In France products.


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