Google is launching the new feature, " business photo " sure Google Street View, allowing Internet users to visit companies in 360 °.

Indeed, the search engine wishes to submit to the business pages which sowant, a 360 ° visit to Internet users seeking information from Google Street View. This could be an interesting source of information especially for certain searches such as restaurants / bars.


To date, this service only applies to American companies that have applied and been selected. This service was already disclosed in May 2011, however it has just opened up to other countries, notably the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, and UK.

On the other hand, only Paris is currently eligible.


Unlike the Street View service, Google must have the consent of the store owners to distribute the images.


In addition, merchants will have to warn their customers when going to Google so that their faces are masked. It is a service that remains free and guaranteed by the Google teams.


However, this calls into question security because depending on the store and its content, this could be a way for thieves to identify the location of surveillance cameras, position / brand ...


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